Role: Creative Director, Content Writer, Experiential Producer, Copywriter


Client: FUGE Camps 


Project: The Convergence 



FUGE Camps is a faith-based camp company serving over 60,000 teenagers a year. 

They came to us looking for an impactful short-form video to communicate their unique approach to the camp experience. 

We gave them an entire branded content series with sci-fi overtones.




We started with a 4-minute promotional narrative piece to garner excitement.   

Then we made an 8-part series. 

We even made 'movie posters' that went up all across the event campuses.


Fuge wanted to keep their students engaged within the world of  'The Convergence' in a fun way,  

so we made an “amazing race” type game that used social media and searchable clues planted all around the camp. 

Turns out it was a great way to entertain up to 3,000 students at the same time. 


First up – the rules:

Now, you've played the game. How do you win -- with only 27 seconds left? 

It was crazy. 


This is how it went down at a camp in South Carolina.