Client: Lifeway Christian Resources 

Creative Director/Copywriter: A.C. Sanford 

Campaign: XWKND (2018) 


   Oh, it's a terrible feeling.  

You arrive at a crowded party.  Everyone is having a good time.  You recognize no-one. 



Choices abound. 

Do you

A.) Go and talk to a complete strangers?


B) Awkwardly wait in the corner until someone saves you? 


Not the best options. 

We've all been there. 

  In 2018, Lifeway asked us to  give creative vision for the 2nd year of XWKND. They wanted to their staff, 

 representing 4 different brands, with 4 different priorities, 

from all over the country, 

to all feel like they were invited to the party that summer. 

That even when you felt alone,  you could know that you were apart of a bigger story. 


All of us. Together





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