Client:   Lifeway Christian Resources

Creative Director/Copywriter: A.C. Sanford

Campaign: X. WKND

Life on your own kinda sucks. Especially in college. 

Yeah, sure, the freedom away from your mom is  cool. 

But the adulting, specifically the "making life decisions and living them out", that's the hard part. 


It's way easier to share our burdens together as a team.

 How though?  

We all have different ways of working.

We all have different opinions on how to get to a goal. 


129-year-old Lifeway Christian Resources asked us a question: 

What would it be like to gather  900 of our college aged summer staff ,

 representing 5 different internal brands, 

hundreds of different colleges , 

and differing ethnicities in the same room,

 to rally them  around a singular cause?  



An intersectional weekend  gathering of 18-25 year olds.



Life is better together.


Lifeway then asked us  for  creative ways to instill key lessons on staying emotionally healthy to their  young summer staff. 


We gave them a 360-degree, contemplative projection activation experience  based on those key lessons. 


Feed Yourself.

Build Relationships. 

Serve, even if no one is watching. 

Don't make excuses. 



The Activation at Work