Client: Fuge Camps of Lifeway 

Role: Creative Director/Producer

Campaign: The Convergence

Fuge Camps is a faith-based camp company serving over 60,000 teenagers a year. 

They came to us looking for an impactful short-form video to communicate their unique approach to the camp experience. 


We gave them an entire branded content series with sci-fi overtones. 




We started with a  4 minute short film commercial.




Then we were like, 

"Wow, what if we made this into a thing? 

Like a series, you know."


The moody-teen-drama-with-good-looking-actors-type. The daily themes of the what the kids were learning 

 were woven into every episode. 



We even creatively  thought 

about how every poster of the series needed to represent the daily lessons.



Having fun with it, we made a  late-night "amazing race" experience

 that took the characters' challenges in the film and placed the attendees in their world, called  ‘Decode’. 


Here – one of the characters hacks into the camp's video servers and gives the details of why 

The kids went crazy on this.   

To say the reaction was a success would be an understatement. 

Clues were spread all around the campus 

 for kids to gather and to Decode 

The race against the clock was real.  

Even the camp staff got involved.

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D E C O D E #cnufuge17 #convergence17

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This is what it was like in action.